Patricia A. Rowe
Memorial Light

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Patricia A. Rowe
Memorial Light

  • First Woman to hold Elective Office in Lake Havasu USCG Auxiliary
  • Commanded First All-woman Patrol on Colorado River
  • Flotilla 92 Vice Commander - 1974 ( 1st half )
  • Flotilla Commander - 1974 ( 2nd half )


Wind Point

Wind Point Light - Racine, Wisconsin


Wind Point Lighthouse
Lake Michigan

  • 4 Miles North of Racine, Wisconsin
  • Tallest and Oldest Active Lighthouse on the Lake
  • Rated at #27 of the 50 Most Beautiful U.S. Lighthouses

Wind Point Lighthouse

  • Built by the U.S. Lighthouse Service in 1880
  • Designed by Orlando Metcalfe Poe who was instrumental to General Sherman's victories in Atlanta and Savannah in the Civil War


 Wind Point Light Construction

  • Conical brick structure over 108' tall and 20' diameter at the base where the walls are over 7' thick
  • There are over 144 steps leading to the lantern room

 Wind Point Lantern Room



Wind Point Lantern 

  • Originally a kerosene lamp focused through a 3rd order Fresnel lens
  • The rotation was by a weighted chain reset nightly by the keeper
  • Now electrified and uses a DCB-24 Aero beacon that is visible 19 miles


Wind Point Lighthouse (replica)
Colorado River

  • Located at Site Six on Lake Havasu
  • Will guide mariners at night to a safe haven with its flashing amber light
  • Construction & maintenance by the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club


Wind Point Replica on Lake Havasu

Wind Point Memorial Light

  • Memorial plaque affixed to structure
  • Dedication Ceremony
  • Publication of Memorial / Historical information



light dedication


1) Daughter: Vicki Rowe; 2) Daughter-in-law: Diana Rowe; 3)Dean Rowe 4) Granddaughter: Christi Gay; 5) Lighthouse Club President:  Bob Keller; 6) Son: Bill Rowe; 7) Sister-in-law: Lillian Rowe;     8) Brother: Bill Rowe; 9) Pat's sister: Lou Hueller; 10) Great-granddaughter: Mila Peterson;          11) Granddaughter: Jessica Peterson


Dedication Ceremony October 17, 2010

Patricia A. Rowe
Memorial Light






bronze plate 


Patricia Ann Rowe
1936 - 1977

Former resident of Racine, Wisconsin & Lake Havasu City, Arizona